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10 week lean & learn graduate results

Take a look at what can be achieved

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Linda age 41

“Who’d have thought that a 10 week fitness programme would give some fantastic results! I signed up to Lean and Learn for a couple of reasons.  Reason 1 for me, reason 2 I needed a new focus.  Why? well with in 3 weeks both my kids were due to leave home and I decided if I didn’t act on this I could end up sitting every night eating bad food!

So while on Facebook one night I cam across ‘The Fitness Guy’ saw the pics and read his blog and thought this is for me!……To say I was excited was an understatement.  I was ready to start my new 10 week programme which focussed on healthy eating and exercise which is the only way to go.

The programme for me has been fantastic.  I’ve eaten proper good food and as for snacks I must say some days I really can’t eat them all.  As for the exercise which is 20/25 minutes… It’s no time at all.  Not only have I lost weight but more importantly cm’s consistently over the last 10 weeks.

With every week that passes my energy levels have gone up!  I’ve found a new love for cycling!  I’m looking forward to continuing in the support group as have set myself a new 8 week target.”

Meghan age 27

“Signing up for Lean and Learn is the best £99 I have ever spent! After having two gorgeous baby girls in the last 14 months, I wanted to get back in shape and in 10 short weeks I am now the smallest and healthiest I think I have ever been.

I smashed my weight loss goals and I also set a goal to be able to run 5k with ease by the time I had finished the program, which I did no bother with the help of Steve’s hiit workouts! This plan has showed me how to enjoy my life, enjoy food and continue to be sociable while leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about mindset and Steve and the team at TFG has totally changed my approach to “dieting”. No more yo-yoing for me!

I never imagined 3 months after giving birth I’d be happy with my body but I have never felt so confident. You only regret what you didn’t do so sign up – you’ve nothing to lose but inches!”

Lisa age 34

“I’m so glad that I’ve done this programme. I’ve loved the eating plan and the workouts and looking forward to continuing the graduate programme. I feel so much more confident.  I didn’t feel that I was missing out as the food is yummy! The group is so supportive. I’m delighted with my results and have lots more confidence!”

Lesley age 33

“I can’t believe what a difference this programme has made in such a short time!
Not only do I look different but I feel so good! No more headaches, no more bloating, and so much more energy to run around after my boys!
I even went on holiday and still had great results that week.. as a graduate told me before signing up “if you can’t do this while on holiday, you’re not doing it right”
It felt so good to have the support group, there to answer any questions or simply there with encouragement.
I am so pleased with my results, how much I have learned, and excited to join the graduate programme!
Thanks TFG and team!”